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A Dinner Party for the Birthday Boy!


We love when clients contact us to help them throw a small intimate party. It allows us to be more creative and hands on. Kim contacted us when she decided to throw a small dinner party (only 10 guests) to celebrate her good friend’s 40th birthday. With the party date only 2 weeks away, we jumped right in. Kim wanted to hold the party at her home, and the first thing she said was that she wanted it to be elegant and sophisticated with a natural inspired look.


The first few days of planning consisted of finding a caterer, and Kim sending pictures she found online to give us an idea of her style.  The week leading up to the dinner party we met with Kim at her home to see what items she already had. She wanted to use many things that she already had in her home (which kept the cost low).



Kim had some beautiful pieces in her home, including her china and glassware that we mixed and matched to give a unique look to the table. We brought in a dark brown burlap runner to place on top of Kim's existing table linen, which brought a natural look to the table.


The floral centerpieces were made of white hydrangeas, tulips and grasses. We also created small arrangements of the hydrangeas and tulips that we placed around the living room on side tables, as well as on the bar.


We custom designed and printed the menus that were positioned at each place setting. The menus were multi-purpose; in addition to being the menu, they were also the seating cards for each guest. On the front of the menu was the guest’s name, and the guest could flip the menu over to see what scrumptious food would soon be served.

Vivian Elle Invitations Q&A


Invitations are the first impression guests get towards your wedding. It sets the look and feel of your wedding, and gives your guest a peek at what to expect. By having a custom wedding invitation designed just for you, you are sure to get exactly what you are looking for, as well as ensure no one else has the same invitation as you! Jennifer at Vivian Elle Invitations is a custom invitation genius.  In order for you to get to know her more, we asked her some questions and here are her responses. Enjoy!



Q) How did Vivian Elle Invitations come to be?

A) I worked with an invitation designer for my own wedding. Working with her put the idea in my head that I would love to do what she was doing. Several months later, I was suddenly in a situation where I didn't have a job and it ended up being the perfect time to start taking the steps to get this business started.


Q) What is your background/ what experience do you have?

A) I literally just had an Adobe Illustrator book that my brother-in-law had given me for Christmas. I would spend hours on the couch with my computer and that book, just learning how to design in Illustrator. I also immediately signed up with Envelopments to be my paper supplier. The training they have given me has been invaluable! 



Q) What would you classify your style to be?

A) My own personal style can be shown best by taking a look at my Etsy Shop. This is where I really get to play around and have some fun! 


Q) What is your favorite type of invitation or stationary to create?

A) As much as I love the pocketfold invitations that are super popular right now, I love a plain white invitation with a really cool and fun design on it. You don't have to have an enormous invitation budget to still have a really cool wedding invitation that will capture people's attention. 



Q) What is the average cost for a wedding invitation from you?

A) It spans such a wide range. If you want a pocketfold, it will be anywhere from $6-10/invite. If you want something a little more simple, it could be anywhere from $3-$5/invite.


Q) What is something no one may know about you?

A) That I have an Etsy Shop. This is a newer endeavor that I started up mostly to sell Christmas cards. I've started selling some wedding suites on there and I have a line of baby announcements. By the end of the year, I'm hoping to have more Save the Dates and shower invitations, too! 

Lauren and Matt's Winter Wedding


Lauren and Matt were married this past December at St. Daniels Catholic Church, which is the church Lauren’s family attends regularly in Clarkston, Michigan.  Their reception took place at Indianwood Golf and County Club, which was a wonderful setting for a winter wedding. The club would normally be closed for the season during the time of the wedding, but they were generous enough to stay open for one week longer in order to hold Lauren and Matt's wedding. The best part about this was that we were able to make use of the entire facility. We started off with dinner in the Great Hall and then moved to the Mixed Grill for dancing, which allowed guests to have more room to move around.


                                                    Photo Credit: Argyle Photography of Birmingham 


Lauren wore her Grandmothers wedding dress for the ceremony, and it was one of a kind. Knowing that her mother and grandmother both wore it on their wedding day added so much emotion to the day. Before the reception, Lauren changed into another stunning dress that allowed for easier dancing. 


                                                 Photo Credit: Argyle Photography of Birmingham 


Of course, we can’t forget about the gentlemen. Matt went to the Air Force Academy and is still active in the Air Force. He selected to wear his mess dress, and two out of the five groomsmen (who attended the Air Force Academy along with Matt) wore them as well.  They all looked so handsome!


                                               Photo Credit: Argyle Photography of Birmingham 


Thank you to Argyle Photography of Birmingham for capturing the day and providing these wonderful photos for everyone to enjoy. 

Red Poppy Floral Q&A:


Tracy with Red Poppy Floral is such a joy to work with. I was fortunate enough to have worked with her on our photo shoot that took place at Zingermans Events on Fourth (click HERE to see the shoot). I can’t wait to work with her again in the future!


Q) How did you get into floral design and how did Red Poppy Floral come to be?

A) I started in floral design quite by accident.  I was living in London at the time (my husband is British) and I picked up the European flair for flowers in the home.  When you have a tiny flat in London, it really brightens up the whole place to have a jar of seasonal flowers!  Walking to work I passed the Jane Packer flower studio - they had the most beautiful arrangements and I treated myself to taking a class there in floral design.  I became hooked and ended up completing the professional course.  Since moving here it's been a wonderful, creative, exciting joy to have my own floral design business.


Q) What would you classify your style to be?

A) I aim for my arrangements to look natural and effortless.  I guess I would say my style is a bit rustic, elegant, modern, timeless (I hope!)



Q) What is your favorite flower?

A) I love so many flowers- and I'm always seeing things I've never seen before, which keeps it exciting and inspiring for me.  I think I'm always excited about the flowers of the season, so at the moment I love the jar of bright orange tulips on my kitchen table - they seem to scream spring!  And I'm excited for local peonies soon.  There's a peony farm near here that has the most amazing peonies the size of a grapefruit - seriously!


Q) What is something no one may know about you?

A) I love to travel!  I got to go to London 2012 and that was such a thrill. This year we're off to Iceland!  I also have a birth mark pretty much in the shape of Australia - I don't know what that means, I hope one day it will be an excuse to go! 

Great Lakes Love Feature

We are honored to have our photo shoot featured on Great Lakes Love. Make sure to take a look at it here. A big thank you to all those invloved in the shoot! Check back for a post talking more in depth about the shoot.


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